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Connecting rod develops taper and ovality in big end and small end bore due to continuous running. This can be corrected. RA Power Solutions undertakes reconditioning and repair of connecting rod. We have facilities for re-boring of connecting rod big end and small end. The alignment of connecting rod is also checked.

We do not recommend use of connecting rod in case alignment is lost due to accident. Reconditioned connecting rods are guaranteed for satisfactory performance. Connecting rods are repaired in-house by our experienced technicians.

Availability of Used/Overhaul / Reconditioned Connecting Rods

We maintain large stock of used connecting rods for high capacity diesel engines. Connecting rods are reconditioned in-house, calibrated and are supported with inspection report.

The used connecting rod cost 1/3rd of the new connecting rod This results to the considerable saving to the owner as they perform as good as new.

Connecting rods for following engines are available in stock:

ABB, ABC, Anglo Belgian Corporation, Akasaka, Alco Diesel Engines, Alfa Laval, Allen, Alpha Diesel, Alstom, B & W, Bergen Diesel Engines, Blackstone, Bosch, Caterpillar, Cegielski, Consilium, Crepelle, Cummins, Daihatsu, Detroit Diesel, Deutz, Deutz Marine Engine, EMD, Fiat, FUJI, Fuji Diesel, Furuno, Hanshin, Headway, HIMSEN, Holset, Hyundai, JRC, Kawasaki, Kelvin Hughes, Kongsberg Maritime, L'Orange Maschinenfabrik, MaK, MAN, MAN B&W, Martek Marine, Mirrlees Blackstone, Mitsubishi, Mitsubishi UE/UEC, MTU, MWM, Napier, NAVTEX, Nigata, Nohab Diesel, Paxman, Pielstick, Ruston & Hornsby, Samsung, Simrad, SKL, Sperry, Stork SW Diesel, Stork Werkspoor, STORK-WARTSILA DIESEL, Sulzer, Volvo Penta, Wartsila, Wartsila Diesel, Westfalia, Wichmann, Woodward, Yanmar



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