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RA power solutions have been working on heavy machinery repair for last four decades using white metal babbitt bearings for different applications, knowing the criticality of Babbitt bearing RA power solutions developed the procedure for manufacturing of new white metal bearing and  repair of Babbitt bearings which get worn out or damaged due to accident.


It's our dedication to the customers which ensures that each white babbitt bearing manufactured by us meets with the international standards in terms of metallurgical properties and dimensions. We are known all over the world for our quick response time and personal customer attention.


White metal babbitt bearing manufactured by RA power solutions have following major properties :


  1. Heavy wall and thin wall bearings are centrifugally cast made with babbitt metal using centrifugal force, this ensures excellent bonding of white metal with bearing lining.
  2. We are ISO certified company producing white metal babbitt bearing far superior than the international standards it is possible due to our experience of four decades in this field.
  3. Tooling required for machining of babbitt bearing and for  repair of Babbitt bearing in most of the cases is available in house up to 1500 mm bore size this saves delivery time.
  4. Maintaining the final dimensions and tolerances of babbitt bearing is of utmost importance all machining operations are undertaken on special purpose machines of latest generation it is mandatory to dispatch the bearing with the final inspection report.
  5. In house engineering assistance is available to repair white metal babbitt bearing, Generally, the grade of white metal is improved considering the applications of the babbitt bearing, the engineering team also assist in the development of new white metal babbitt bearings as per the sample or drawing. Small quantaties of white metal babbitt bearing  are also acceptable for development and manufacturing
  6. Our top priority is to deliver high quality of babbitt bearing and to undertake babbitt bearings repair to your entire satisfaction you can expect following from us.

We believe in on time delivery
All white metal babbitt bearings are centrifugally cast
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