Crank Pin Journal Repair by RA Power Solutions

Crank pin journal of Wartsila 18V32 was reported to be damaged by one of our client in Southeast Coast of Africa. RA Power Solutions team of two technicians was deputed and following were the main observations:

I) On visual inspection it was observed that  crank pin no. 2 and Crank pin nos 6 were severely scored with bearing line marks having approximate depth of 0.5 mm.

II) The hardness was observed between 30 and 50 HRC at different spots.

III) On undertaking the MPI of crankpin no. 2 and crankpin no. 6, only multiple surface cracks were observed

IV) The crankpins of the crankshaft were checked for taper and ovality and maximum ovality of 0.6 mm was observed.

After the initial inspection of crankpin journal 2 and crankpin journal no. 6, the crankshaft grinding was done by latest design of onsite crankshaft grinding equipment. The crankshaft grinding equipment having the range of 260 to 300 mm was used.

 Following process for crank pin journal repair was adopted.

I) Rough grinding of crankpins was undertaken

II) Radius fillet and lubricating oil hole of crankpin no. 2 and crankpin journal no. 6 of wartsila crankshaft were made.

III) Grinding to the undersize of 2 mm was to be done in order to achieve the hardness as stipulated in the manual of Wartsila under the chapter Crankshaft

IV) Final polishing of crank pin no. 2 and crankpin no. 6 were done to achieve 0.3 Ra surface finish according to the Wartsila specifications.

The crankshaft after above repairs is performing satisfactory and has clocked more than 6500 hrs of operation.

We have experience of more than 4 decades in  successfully repairing of crankshaft and are considered to be priced lowest in the industry.


Damaged Crank pin of Wartsila Engine Crank pin After Grinding and Polishing
Grinding of Crank pin by Onsite Crankshaft Grinding Machine Grinding of Crank pin of MAN Engine Under Process
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