Crankshaft Grinding Machine | Onsite Cylindrical Shaft grinding machine

RA power solutions is the manufacturer of On site-cylindrical shaft grinding machine having applications of grinding of rotor shaft, turbine shaft , alternator shaft, pump shaft and all type of cylindrical shafts.

The Onsite grinding machine is light weight can be easily carried to the site there is no requirement of disassembling of the main equipment for on site grinding and polishing. The machine has following features.


  • Grinding and polishing of crankshaft pins  and crankshaft main journals are carried out to the original engine manufacturer’s (OEM) tolerance and surface finish specifications.
  • Initially diagnostic inspection has to be made as a pre-inspection on size measurement, Non-Destructive test for crack detection., alignment checking for straightness and hardness checking for hot spot surface inspection.
  • Our patented orbital equipment rotates around the damaged crank pin, journal using the Radii as a datum. The orbital equipment for in-situ application adaptable for various designs of crankshafts.
  • These types of repair are also suited to all kinds of Pump Shafts, Drive Shafts, rotor shaft, turbine shaft , alternator  shaft, and Propulsion shafts.




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