Crankshaft Grinding Machine- Revolutionary Technology

The process of crankshaft grinding has been changed by introduction of onsite crankshaft grinding machine. To remove the crankshaft from the main equipment like diesel engine, compressor, forging hammer, etc. requires specialist to disassemble the equipment, pack it appropriately and transportation to the designated workshop which results to increase in the breakdown time and expensive.

With the introduction of portable, light weight, onsite crankshaft grinding machine there is no need of removal of crankshaft from the diesel engine or main equipment. The crankshaft grinding machine is placed on the crankshaft crankpin from the window and grinding and polishing is done.

The crankshaft grinding machine is capable of maintaining close tolerance within 10 microns and surface finish as per the international norms. The crankshaft grinding machine is light weight and is carried to the site for crankshaft repair. It is easy to operate and maintain. We provide training on job to the client’s technicians to enable them to operate the crankshaft grinding machine independently. Training of 1 week is considered to be enough to learn the crankshaft grinding and crankshaft polishing.

RA Power Solutions has sold more than 65 Crank shaft grinding and crank shaft polishing equipments all over the world. The crankshaft grinding machine has succeeded in several industries providing maximum performance in productivity. The crankshaft grinding machines has provided maximum profits and contribution to the shipping companies, repair workshops, heavy engineering plants, etc.


Crankshaft Grinding Machine of High Diameter Crankshaft Grinding Machine
Packing in Progress- Insitu Crankshaft Grinding Machine Alternator, Rotor, Turbine Shaft Grinding and Polishing Machine
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