Crankshaft Repair and Crankshaft Grinding

Crankshaft develops taper, ovality and rough surface after continuous running of engine. RA Power Solutions recommends periodic inspection of crankshaft and repair of crankshaft by crankshaft grinding and polishing process.

RA Power Solutions undertakes on site crankshaft repair by portable, easy to operate latest design of crankshaft grinding machine. There is no requirement of removing the crankshaft from the engine block, packing it and transporting to the workshop. With the latest design of crankshaft grinding machine, it is now possible to undertake crankshaft repair without removing it from the crank case. The compact and portable machine is inserted from inspection window and crankshaft grinding is undertaken. We have experience technicians regularly executing repair of crankshaft all over the world for small and large engines for marine, power and industrial power generation application.

We have crankshaft grinding machine with necessary tooling available to undertake crankshaft repair having a diameter ranging from 60 mm to 700 mm. The Crankshaft repair equipment is sent along with the technician to the site. All the parameters i.e. taper; ovality, surface finish, etc. are maintained after crankshaft repair strictly as per the specifications stipulated.

The company has experience of 40 years providing services for crankshaft repair and crankshaft grinding through our experienced technicians. We have successfully executed more than 10,000 jobs of crankshaft repair all over the world. We as an Indian company are quality conscious and cost effective. The repair of crankshaft by crankshaft grinding process can also be executed while sailing of the vessel.

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