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Portable lightweight easy to carry on site crankshaft grinding machine up to 700mm diameter are manufactured by RA power solutions. The crankshaft grinding machine is of revolutionary design and is capable to maintain the tolerance similar to the crankshaft grinding bench type machine which requires high investment, the on-site crankshaft grinding and crankshaft polishing machine has the following features:

  • Compact design and is capable of grinding and polishing in limited space available at the site.
  • On-site crankshaft grinding machine can maintain taper and ovality in rotating shafts having different applications like rotor, turbine, alternator, pump or crankshaft
  • The machine is highly recommended for any emergency repair of the crankshaft as it can be taken to the site by the technicians
  • Crankshaft grinding machine can also undertake polishing of crankpins and main journal of the crankshaft which is required after continuous running of the engine. The bearing line marks and pitting can be removed by using on-site crankshaft grinding and crankshaft polishing machine.
  • The surface finish of higher than 20 Ra value can be maintained after polishing which is far better then the international standards
  • The tolerance and the surface finish maintained after using RA power crankshaft grinding and crankshaft polishing machine meets with the class approvals including Lloyds
  • The training for the operation and maintenance of a crankshaft grinding machine is provided to the buyer technicians. The training is for the period of 1 week
  • The cost of the crankshaft grinding machine is low which makes it popular with shipping companies, power plants, repair workshops etc.
  Grinding of the crank pin on the vessel. Crankshaft grinding from the broken window

Crank pin after grinding.          Crankshaft grinding machine.
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