Diesel Engine Repair and Services

Repair of high capacity diesel engines, overhauling and maintenance is one of our important services offered to the industry. Experienced technicians and engineers having worked with reputed engine manufacturers, shipyards, power plant and shipping industry are engaged in repair and maintenance of the engine.

The technicians are capable of quickly analyzing the following:

I) Cause of Breakdown of Engine

II) Calibration of the engine spares which are damaged

III) To undertake the repair of spares wherever possible

IV) Overhaul and Assembly of the Engine

The diesel engine repair and maintenance involves following:

I) Complete diagnosis of the diesel engine and troubleshooting

II) Repair of crankshaft, engine block, cylinder heads and major spares onsite to reduce the time of repair.

III) Calibration of crankshaft for hardness, crack, taper and ovality and all technical aspects and repair if required.

IV) Replacement of crankshaft of diesel engine if required.

V) Repair of alternator, electrical panel and all control services.

Our team of engineers is ready to leave for site at short notice. The repair, maintenance, overhaul of diesel engine can also be done while sailing of the vessel. All our technicians have seaman book.


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