Engine overhauling | Repair of marine engine | Diesel engine repair.

It is important to carry out periodical overhauling and repair of main marine engine and auxiliary engine on board a vessel. RA power solutions undertakes maintenance, overhauling and major repairs of all make of engine on board a vessel or installed in power plants.

The main feature of Engine overhauling | Repair of marine engine | Diesel engine repair are as following:

RA power solutions is one of the few companies in the world having in-house major parts repair facilities like crankshaft, engine block, connecting rod, cylinder heads, pumps, and all major parts, we have lightweight portable tools available which are carried by the technicians at the time of engine overhauling or engine repairs

Technicians have either gone through the training or have worked with the reputed Diesel engine manufacturer, this ensures that all the procedures as mentioned in the manufacturer manual are followed at the time of overhauling of the engine.

RA power solutions has engineers and technicians having valid CDC and can travel from one port to another without any hassle in short time. This facilitates to undertake marine engine overhauling and break down repair in minimum time

In Addition to providing onsite overhauling and repair of marine engine services for high capacity generators, we maintain an extensive stock of marine engine replacements parts. The spare parts of engines are either sourced from the ship breaking yard or are removed from the diesel engines which have few running hours and are not in operation due to oversupply of power


RA power solutions offer a full range of services related to overhauling and repair of diesel engine which includes:


  • Complete engine overhauling on site 
  • 24/7 repair services are extended
  • Emergency break down of main and auxiliary engines are attended 
  • In house facilities for calibration of parts and carrying out NDT test
  • Arrangement for on-site grinding and polishing of crankshaft, metal stitching of damage engine component, rebabbitting of bearing etc.
  • All technicians have valid Indian CDC and can sail with the vessel.



RA power solutions have experience of four decades in providing on-site repair and overhauling of diesel engine and is well known for its sincere and dedicated team of technicians and engineers.



Repair and overhauling of                     Overhauling of 4 sets of Wartsila 12V32

MAN engine

                                         Repair of Wartsila 12V32

                                 Diesel engine after overhauling and repair



The author of this blog is Raj Shahani managing director of RA power solutions he has been working on high capacity engines for last 40 year and have gone through the training with leading crankshaft manufacturers based in Czech Republic, Germany and Spain he has the credit of repairing successfully more than 10,000 crankshaft



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