Metal Stitching | Casting Repair by Metal surgery | Broken casting repair by metal surgery

Repair of crack in casting by metal stitching and metal locking has a definite advantage over the repair of crack by welding process. Metal stitching of crack casting is getting popular as it is a permanent process for successful repair of broken, cracked and fractured casting parts


Advantages of cast iron crank repair by Metal locking and metal surgery


  • On site repair possible without disassembly of the equipment
  • Metal surgery and metal locking are permanent repair for fractured, broken and cracked casting
  • Cold process of repair no stress or heat is generated
  • Casting repair by metal locking does not cause any distortion and no need of machining
  • It is proved that repair by metal locking  strengthens the damage part which is cracked or  damaged and restoration to the original profile
  • Metal stitching  and metal surgery process used for crack repair have low restoration time
  • Gas/Liquid proof repair


RA power solutions  technicians have more than 35 years of experience in repair of crack and repair of damage casting by metal locking and metal stitching process. Technicians can fly out to any destination  all over the world in minimum possible time as they have the valid CDC. The services of crack repair of casting and aluminium parts is offered 24/7 and we are considered to be cost-effective . All crack repairs  of damage casting is undertaken with guarantee



Engine block after repair by                                Damaged casting replacement by Metal stitching

Metal surgery                                                 



Repair of engine block of MAN diesel engine.           Repair of crack motor casting


The author of this blog is Raj Shahani managing director of RA power solutions he has been working on high capacity engines for last 40 year and have gone through the training with leading crankshaft manufacturers based in Czech Republic, Germany and Spain he has the credit of repairing successfully more than 10,000 crankshaft

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