Metal Stitching of engine block | Metal Surgery | Metal Locking

Repair of cracks in cast iron components by welding process many times is not successful and results to the rejection of the cast iron component and in certain cases equipment in totality R A power solutions has learned from their four decades of experience that repair of cracks in cast iron or aluminum components by metal stitching and metal surgery process is successful and rather increases the life of the component.

Following are the advantages of repair of damaged casting or crack repair by Metal stitching | Metal locking | Metal Surgery Process

The main advantage of repair of crack developed in the engine block, Casing of turbocharger or any component of engine by metal stitching and metal surgery process is that it does not require dis assembly of equipment

The crack repair and repair of damage casting is undertaken on site where the equipment is installed. RA power solutions has developed the process and the technology by which the repair of damage casting or crack repair can be executed even while the vessel is sailing

In case the casting is damaged into pieces RA power solutions manufactures new piece of casting having better metallurgical properties than the original casting. The new piece of casting is fixed by metal stitching and metal surgery RA power solutions has recently undertaken the repair of the damaged engine block of Wartsila engine measuring 2800mm x 1400 mm. The new piece of casting was metal stitched with parent casting.

Crack repair of cast components by metal lock and metal surgery is a cold process and does not require any machining. The locks, keys and consumables used by RA power solutions for metal stitching and metal locking are sourced through our associate based in the UK


RA power solutions undertakes repair of cracks and damaged casting on site through their experienced technicians. The company has 4 decades of experience in this field and is considered to be very competitive in terms of cost of repair.


   Crack Motor Base                  Damaged motor frame Repair by metal locking | metal

                                                repair by Metal stitching stitching of motorbase frame                 




                                           Repair by metal stitching process

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