Babbitt Bearing Manufacture and Repair

RA Power Solutions manufactures and repairs white metal Babbitt bearings. The babbitting of bearing is done by centrifugal process for all grades of Babbitt material used.

The selection of Babbitt material or white metal composition for manufacturing of new white metal bearing or rebabbitting of old bearing is done based on various technical aspects like RPM of the shaft, load characteristics, dimensions, application, etc. The quality of white Babbitt metal used for babbitting of the bearing is utmost importance. We use the white metal imported from Spain and Germany. The bonding between the white metal and the steel lining is checked by qualified technicians by ultrasound method. The rough machining and final machining of inner diameter of Babbitt bearing and the bearings which are repaired by white metal rebabbitting is undertaken on CNC equipments. It is important that the inner diameter of white metal Babbitt bearing is machined without any taper and ovality. The surface finish after the machining is maintained as per the international standards in order to ensure that there is minimum friction between the shaft and the bearing.

In case of rebabbitting of old bearing, the steel lining of the bearing is also subject to through inspection. The hard spots in case observed on the surface are removed by the scooping process. It is our experience that in case of any hard spots left on the steel lining of the bearing; it effects the bonding between the white Babbitt metal and bearing lining which effects the life and performance of the bearing. We provide rebabbitting of bearing services up to 1500 mm bore size of the white metal Babbitt bearing.

We are equipped to execute the rebabbitting in shortest possible time. We are based near New Delhi India international airport and can arrange import and re-export of bearing after rebabbitting is undertaken in minimum time. This reduces the downtime of the equipment.

We are considered to be cost effective and undertake rebabbitting of bearings as OEM for various companies.

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